Monday, October 09, 2017

It is a national holiday here today (Oct 9), a day of sports, but many universities still carry on their teaching calendar without interruption.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

T's Language and Emotional Development

T is very enthusiastic about speaking these days. He hardly stops once he starts making up a story, retelling a story, or, most often of all, observing and describing people and things around him. It is very amusing to interact with him verbally, and now he is able to make real conversations on emotional basis.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

T's passion for whale and other sea animals

T started to be fascinated with whales around the time when he turned two. It all started with a nursery rhyme in Japanese called, "Whale's Clock." He watched the animation on TV before departing for the nursery one day, and ever since he has been hooked to the song and everything about whales.

This Year's Garden

Gardening has always been a private hobby of mine. Ever since T was born, it has become more so than ever. It is now a secret luxury to attend to the garden as my work duty and maternal duty have claimed most of my time, and I feel very guilty for the "need" to do gardening, and the wish to be in the garden, as it always feels like a crime to relax and to spend time for myself. 

T's Lunchbox

This post on T's lunchbox was long overdue. As T was transferred to a new nursery last April, he also stopped eating lunch prepared by me.